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Developing a winning attitude

They say, what lies ahead of you, what lies by your side is far less important when compared to what lies within you. It is usually our restrictive thought process that limits our growth rather than anything else. This thought process over a longer period of time develops in something what the world knows and calls as 'attitude'.

So learn...
  • 1. Why do people succeed?
  • 2. How to understand & adapt to changes?
  • 3. Power of the sub-consious 'Mind'.
  • 4. Imagine the possibilities.
  • 5. What it takes to be a great sales person?

Trainer Information

Subramanian Iyer, Sales Coach, Sales Knowledge Leader.

Subramanian is a Sales Coach and an acclaimed Sales Knowledge Leader.In a career spanning more than 20 years, Subramanian has spear-headed best practices channel in a multinational financial service giant. He has been a lead Performance Consultant and has trained large workforce of reputed conglomerates like Eicher Tractors and LIC to name a few. He has conducted Sales Excellence Programs for SMEs, delivering the sales training program “Speak to Sell” for frontline sales executives.

He has earned distinction for sales process mastery and his ability to drive changes in sales forces to steer them towards achieving great success. He is dedicated to excellence in important corporate deliverables like Sales, Customer Relationship Management and People Capability Management. Subramanian has previously worked with large corporate like Tata AIG, ICICI Prudential and Rolta India.

  • Grooming

    Module 2 speaks about grooming and personal victory. Attitude reflects in the way you look, which is why grooming is of utmost importance for personal victory. Creating that indelible, impeccable first impression is crucial to make or break any deal.

    World around, a groomed person may remain unchanged, but his world will definitely change. It is not really about changing the world; the focus is on changing 'your' world. 'I’ matters,

    So learn...
    • 1. Why people say 'interviews get over in 2 seconds'?
    • 2. Why is 'Attraction' the first step towards interaction?
    • 3. Why people say 'To be successful you need to look successful in the first place'?
    • 4. Importance of a smile.
    • 5. Perception matters.
  • Communication

    Module 3 delves into the most essential trait for any individual to be successful today – communication. Good communication is not rocket science. It's also not 'painting by numbers' where people have to learn a set of techniques. It's not enough to learn some skills. The key to good communication is not just having good communication skills, but also having self-awareness. Why do you react and behave the way you do? What motivates your actions?

    So learn...
    • 1. How important is communication for our success?
    • 2. How a proper understanding of the topic will minimize most of your success hurdles?
    • 3. How to build confidence internally to grow in your career at large?
    • 4. Why do people say, “I was misunderstood”?
    • 5. How to win people?
  • Sales Training

    • 1. Overview on sales approaches
    • 2. Methods of sales
    • 3. Converting sales
    • 4. Product training
  • Practical Training

    • On-Job training for 45 days
  • Training Review

    • 1. Review of on-job training
    • 2. Gap identification
    • 3. Guidance on sales management
  • Understanding customer behaviour

    In this module we will talk more about ‘customers’, our ultimate consumers. Understanding and knowing our customer is of utmost importance to us and is the first step towards approaching our target. Then come the factors that affect consumer buying behaviour, their decision making factors and of course, their post purchase behaviour. We need to have a thorough understanding of all these internal as well as external factors because it will help us understand our customer’s psychology and serve them better.

    So learn...
    • 1. The gap between what people sell and what people buy.
    • 2. Importance of brand identity, brand recall.
    • 3. The importance of target segment.
    • 4. How to get premium price?
    • 5. The difference brand identity and brand image.
  • Sales Process

    Sales, as a profession has always been misunderstood. Non-performers in sales have maligned the profession so as to cover-up their inefficiency and scared people by associating sales with science and art. As a result, sales is viewed as tough, boring, full of hardships and a non-rewarding job.

    However, our experience and research has always made us realize to define sales as a process which has steps, which if carried out properly are bound to give us the desired result. The need is to know the process and enjoy being in sales.

    So learn...
    • 1. Sales is like software development, quality of input determines the quality of output.
    • 2. How to master the process and work on controllable factors rather than the uncontrollable factors?
    • 3. How to prospect, how to take appointments, how to do a call, how to present a solution and how to negotiate and ask for the cheque?
    • 4. How to enjoy sales as a profession?
    • 5. How to earn huge incentives mastering the process?
  • Advanced Sales Management

    In this module one completes the journey from being a good sales professional to a great sales professional. You will understand how great sales people influence people to buy, you will understand the psychology behind the decisions to buy which would enable you to successfully influence your prospective buyers to buy your good and services.

    The highlights of this session would be:
    • 1. How to get maximum appointments?
    • 2. How to excite the person towards buying your solution?
    • 3. The power of probing.
    • 4. Understanding what motivates a person to buy.
    • 5. Managing the ego towards one’s success.
  • Understanding sales laws

    Laws are meant to lead a disciplined and a structured life. Similarly to lead a disciplined and structured professional sales life, there are certain sales laws which if known will enable you to nourish your career in sales. You would be acquainted with these sales laws in this module.

    So learn:
    • 1. Importance of laws in our life
    • 2. Laws means rules and rules are meant to lead a disciplined life and practise proper conduct.
    • 3. The rules of sales that will help you stay organized and disciplined.
    • 4. What we learnt practically on the field?
    • 5. To be a productive sales professional
  • Leadership and Coaching

    In this module you will be prepared to get ready for the next level of managing a team and be a team player, thereby grow in life. You will understand the difference between being a manager, leader and coach. You will understand the difference between responsibility and accountability. This module will enable you to take up greater responsibilities in your corporate career.

    So learn....
    • 1. To prepare yourself for the next level.
    • 2. How to perform as a manager?
    • 3. Get clarity on the role of a manger and a leader.
    • 4. How to be a adapter?
    • 5. Proper understanding of the coaching concept.

Who should take this course

Anyone interested in pursuing a career in Sales should opt for this course. It is ideal for Graduates student to sharpens their practical skills. As the course is designed as easy-to-understand modules that teach practical applications, graduates from any stream can join and take the first step towards an illustrious career in Sales. In fact, junior Sales professionals who wish to master the finer nuances of Sales and fast-track their career growth should also enroll.


  • - Graduates from any stream
  • - 0 to 3 years of experiance in Sales Profession