Image Consulting

About Priyanka Roy Gajria

Priyanka Roy is a Ph.D in Environmental Science. She has done her Masters of Environmental Protection from International Independent University of Ecology & Politology, Moscow, Russia.

She is Post Graduate with distinction in Personnel Management & Industrial Relations and Diploma in Travel & Tourism Management.

She is well versed in Foreign Languages like German, Spanish, Japanese & French apart from other Languages like Bengali, Punjabi, Hindi & English.

She is also the catalogue model for brands like Tanishq, Titan, Zoya & Inara jewelry collection.

She was the Vice President at Gateway Education Pvt. Ltd, Mohali and also the Creative Director at Graffiti College of Mass Media Communication & Journalism, Mohali

She has been a language interpreter at many international conferences & seminars - SAARC summit, International Ophthalmology conferences, American Heart association conference & seminars.

She has groomed many individuals in image makeover like Actors, Radio Jockey, Bank executives, politicians, Television personalities, authors, students, job seekers, busy professionals, home maker moms, would be brides & grooms.

She has travelled extensively since the last 17 years to countries like Maldives, Oman, Nepal, Sri Lanka and also across India.
During her travel she has studied & experienced various cultures and thus can share her experience in cross culture etiquette.

As an Image Consultant she believes that “Image is not just what you want to be but what you can be”

Why this Course?

Image is created in just 15 seconds when we meet someone for the first time and people make assumptions about us based on limited information.

So when it stands to reason that if we are sloppily dressed, people will assume that we are sloppy in our personal and business lives as well. If, on the other hand, we present a positive and well groomed personal appearance, people will assume that we care about ourselves and therefore it is highly likely that we will care about other areas in our life such as relationships and work.

It is these thoughts & much more which form the foundation of this course to benefit the students and help them in their career.

About this Course : Training Techniques

- The training is module based; the participant has to follow the pre-defined structure.
- The training is given to a set of group decided by the trainer, to get an effective result it is suggested to have a maximum team size of 25 participants per batch.
- The entire course will have team effort so that everybody gets value out of their participation.
- There will be assessment & evaluation for certification.


The sessions will be of 2 hours each per day / session and twice a week.

Sr. No.




Professional Etiquette

2 hrs.


Telephone etiquette

2 hrs.


Public speaking

2 hrs.


How to deal with the opposite gender

2 hrs.


Dinning etiquettes

2 hrs.


How to dress for success?

2 hrs.


Fashion & Style – wardrobe design

2 hrs.


Social Media Image Building

2 hrs.


The Brand YOU

2 hrs.



1 Hr

There could also be a One Day Shopping for Wardrobe styling & a Lunch to learn practical Dinning etiquettes at an extra cost (Travelling, Lunch Bill)

Assessment & Certification

Participants will be given certificate attested by Lakshay and SPARK.

Cost of the Course

  • - INR 20,000 per participant for a maximum batch size of 25 students