Lakshya Management Proficiency School

Lakshya Management Proficiency School is the education initiative of Lakshya Management Services Pvt Ltd. The school aims to develop the practical skill sets of fresher and junior candidates to help them get off to a great start in their careers.

The first course is HR Rise and the schools aims to soon start courses for other professional streams too. Since the focus in on bettering the job performance of juniors by improving their understanding and execution of practical tasks, the course is designed as separate short modules focused on individual topics. Spread over the weekends, each module is conducted in a workshop-like environment with active participation from the students in in-class activities and projects.

The school is committed to education of the highest order, hence the faculty will only consist expert professional with extensive industry experience from across India.

Proficiency is defined as the progression in knowledge and we are dedicated to creating a proficient talent pool in India for all industries.

Lakshya Management Services Pvt. Ltd.

The company is a leading recruitment agency with over 13 years of experience in the field. They follow world’s leading recruitment processes like HRMS to provide companies with the best of candidates.

The company identified the need gap for truly proficient juniors through consistent client feedback. Inspired to make a difference to the industry as a whole, they have taken the step to educate and better the talent pool available. At the same time, by helping candidates better their skill sets and performance, they hope to make a substantial difference to many careers.

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Renowned industry professionals with extensive industry experience will conduct all the modules of the course.

Tejas Wadnerkar Director

Tejas started his career as a young entrepreneur with his own recruitment consultancy - Lakshya Management Services. During the past decade, his firm has placed more than 5000 candidates with over 250 companies across the globe. His illustrious client list includes KPMG, Coca Cola, Godrej, USV and Wartsila, to name a few.

His first hand experience with fresher and junior candidates unmasked the lack of practical education in of these candidates, in the their chosen fields. This inspired Tejas to venture in to education to fill the need gap for practical courses that will not only improve the talent pool available to the industry but also help candidates find better placements. He is glad that he could use his experience to make a difference to the field of recruitment.